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Here is a brief overview of the process of publishing work in Findings from the Field:

Step 1. An educator decides they want to participate in the Findings from the Field community and fills out this form. If you are a student, please have your teacher or guardian fill out this form or get in touch with us.

Step 2. With support from GMRI staff, the educator guides students in producing a Nature Note or Research Article.

Step 3. Students complete a permission form, create accounts, and submit their work to our online platform.

Step 4. Students perform two peer reviews of scientific work from other schools in Maine and New Hampshire.

Step 5. Students receive peer review and editorial board feedback. Accepted submissions are published in our online Ecological and Environmental science journal.

Ready to get started? Fill out this form, and a GMRI staff member will contact you shortly.

Not sure yet? Check out our project page for more information on Findings from the Field. You can also browse past Findings from the Field submissions here.

If you have more questions or concerns please email . We would love to hear from you!